Open Door Policy

Teachers need to be allies for their students, supporting them in their educational walks at the place they are at. The posture teachers should take is one walking alongside of their students, encouraging them and sharing their own knowledge and life experience.

This sounds good. Especially if you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you know that this is a foundational teaching believe of mine.

But what is often overlooked is how teachers can also be an ally for other teachers. Teachers should also be walking alongside their colleagues, and sharing their life experiences and encouragements with them to not only help them grow as teachers. Having an open door policy to exhibit vulnerability with your students is just as powerful as exhibiting vulnerability with your fellow teachers.

Keeping an open door with everyone, and being willing to open up your classroom to the environment around you, is essential to creating an environment that is helpful, welcomes feedback, and feels inviting.

One thought on “Open Door Policy

  1. Kaely, I’m glad to hear you say this because I know you will have so much to share, and it’s a great way to learn from others, too. When I taught high school and was trying something new, I invited colleagues and the administrator who was in charge of my evaluation into my classroom to observe how it was going. Their feedback was invaluable, and because I they were my allies, I knew they weren’t in there to find fault, but to help me get better at my craft.


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